Next Best Thing to The Real Deal: Review of Disney Magic Kingdoms

What It Is

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a building simulation that has elements of strategy and life simulations. The main thing you’ll be doing is building your own theme park, but you can also complete quests along the way. The quests revolve around villains taking over the Magic Kingdom, and you (playing as the good guys) need to save it. While it’s a fairly cliché story plot, the execution is well done, and I thought it was fun.

This game is designed to be played on your mobile devices – smart phones, tablets, and the like. I always like mobile games because (like the name suggests) you can take them anywhere you go.

What It Costs

The game itself is free to download and play. There are some in-app purchases which are entirely optional and not pertinent to gameplay.

Why I Loved It

1 – All children dream of owning the Disney theme park, and the Magic Kingdom tends to be the most popular. This game allows that childhood dream to be fulfilled in some form. Adults, too, often dream of owning Disney, if for other reasons like the massive amount of money it’s worth.

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2- The graphics are pretty good. The characters are believably Disney, and the rides are realistic for being cartoon portrayals.

3 – The story telling is incredible, which is exactly what I would expect from the creator behind dozens of amazing children’s stories. I was a little worried the game might be disappointing at first because my expectations in this aspect were so high, but Disney certainly did not disappoint.

4 – This game is generally fun. I was able to easily get lost in it for a few hours at a stretch, which is exactly why I get instagram followers here in the first place. It’s a small break in my own reality, which I imagine is one of the reasons many other gamers play as well.

Who I’d Recommend It To

I’d recommend this game to people of all ages who love Disney, building games, life simulations, theme parks, or the classically romanticized plotline of good versus evil. If you can’t make it to the real theme park, I’d say this game is the next best thing.